Bitcoin packs back on stock!

We are happy to announce that Bitcoin stickers simple pack and Bitcoin accepted here simple pack are back on stock.

iBitcoin Expo 2015 Shanghai

It is well known that there are many active players in the Bitcoin industry in China. iBitcoin Expo is the largest dedicated expo for Bitcoin start-ups, business, investors, and enthusiasts. Its aim is to bring western Bitcoin influencers and visitors … Read More

Coinpayments, checkout and billing on Bitstickers

Dear customers as you all know we are using coin payments for our checkout and payment processing. We had some canceled transactions and wanted to inform you all about best practices when making payment. When you are redirected to coin … Read More

Accepted crypto currencies in our web shop – update!

Updated list of accepted crypto currencies: Bitcoin Litecoin BlackCoin CryptogenicBullion CloakCoin DigitalCoin Dogecoin DarkCoin Devcoin Earthcoin Execoin FlutterCoin Franko Feathercoin Goldcoin HTMLCOIN Infinitecoin Klondikecoin KryptKoin Librexcoin Maxcoin Megacoin MintCoin MemoryCoin Munne MyriadCoin MazaCoin Netcoin Namecoin NobleCoin Novacoin OmniCoin Orbitcoin PandaCoin … Read More

Promo stickers for every order you make!

Dear customers, we are announcing our new promotion for stickers. For every order over $10 we give you 10% more stickers and for orders below $10, we prepared special promo pack which will be included in every order. We will … Read More

Get your free stickers! Bitstickers giveaway!

We are organizing sticker giveaway to show our support to bitcoin and many more cryptocurrencies. We prepared special promo packages for this giveaway. In order to receive your free stickers you need to like our page and after that provide … Read More

Accepted crypto currencies in our web shop

Many changes are happening in the crypto world and we want to update You – our customers on currently accepted cryptocurrencies. Thanks to coinpayments for great service. Accepted cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin Litecoin AsiaCoin AndroidsTokensV2 Anoncoin BlackCoin BBQCoin Catcoin CryptogenicBullion CloakCoin CommunityCoin … Read More

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