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As we witnes the crypto revolution and supporting all this time whole ideology of crypto, the BitStickers team wants to give something back to the community in the way that supports crypto spirit.

How to get free BitStickers? Easy…

Share our site on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any social network and we will send you free stickers.

Share the pics of bonus stickers when they come to you or where you put them, tag us and you get the free magnet.

Share our site on and we send you a free magnet.

Share our site on Facebook, Twitter, and send us a mail with those links to [email protected], we will send you stickers and magnet.

We never asked our friends, or if you like it better customers, that promote us directly and we always wanted to deliver a quality product as soon as possible with bonus stickers. So we can spread the word about BitCoin around the world. We believe there’s plenty of you to testify about this. Please feel free and welcome to participate in this free stickers action. We can show the rest of the world that the best way to involve in crypto is,┬ádo your business as best as possible and apply the crypto ideology to that business. And of course, good words spread themselves knowledge needs to be┬áspread out!

Spread the word around the world…

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