Accepted crypto currencies in our web shop – update!

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Updated list of accepted crypto currencies: Bitcoin Litecoin BlackCoin CryptogenicBullion CloakCoin DigitalCoin Dogecoin DarkCoin Devcoin Earthcoin Execoin FlutterCoin Franko Feathercoin Goldcoin HTMLCOIN Infinitecoin Klondikecoin KryptKoin Librexcoin Maxcoin Megacoin MintCoin MemoryCoin Munne MyriadCoin MazaCoin Netcoin Namecoin NobleCoin Novacoin OmniCoin Orbitcoin PandaCoin … Read More

New coins accepted for payments FlutterCoin, MyriadCoin, Vertcoin, Potcoin and more!

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Hello dear customers we are happy to announce that we are accepting new crypto currencies for payments on our web shop. New coins that we accept are: AsiaCoin, CommunityCoin, DarkCoin, Execoin, FlutterCoin, GroestlCoin, MyriadCoin, OmniCoin, PotCoin, Ultracoin and Vertcoin. This is possible because of great stuff on Coinpayments. Happy … Read More

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