Get your free stickers! Bitstickers giveaway!

We are organizing sticker giveaway to show our support to bitcoin and many more cryptocurrencies.

We prepared special promo packages for this giveaway. In order to receive your free stickers you need to like our page and after that provide us with your shipment details (message us on facebook). We are shipping every day! There is no time or any other limit in our giveaway and it will last until we have stickers in stock!

Spread the word about Bitcoin around the world!





4 responses to “Get your free stickers! Bitstickers giveaway!”

  1. dana taylor Avatar

    Good work you all

  2. dana taylor Avatar

    Love your sticker moxi

  3. Dimitrije Badnjarevic Avatar
    Dimitrije Badnjarevic


  4. Dimitrije Badnjarevic Avatar
    Dimitrije Badnjarevic

    Our stickers giveaway is finished. Thanks everyone for the support!

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