PinkCoin Accepted Here

Popular crypto-currency PinkCoin accepted here at BitStickers as a payment method.

This basically means you can buy or pay any product or service in our system with PinkCoin.

We are the group of bitcoin enthusiasts and we are doing our best to promote the bitcoin to the world. The mission of “Bitstickers” is to help the global promotion of the cryptocurrencies. Around the web, you can find a dozen websites which sell stickers. Give us a try and test our superb printing quality and the materials we use. We love to make our customers satisfied and we will always do our best to make you happy with our service and products.

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2 responses to “PinkCoin Accepted Here”

  1. Matthew Agbaka Avatar
    Matthew Agbaka

    Good evening, how can one get registered on Pinkcoin?

    1. Dane Zivanovic Avatar
      Dane Zivanovic

      What is the quote for PinkCoin? We could make agreement to put them on sale.

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