Bitcoin Sticker Orange Round 80mm

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Spread the word and promote Bitcoin or Your Bitcoin business.

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First of all, round 80mm diameter orange bitcoin sticker is made to be a tool of crypto-currencies global marketing community campaign. Many renominated marketing agencies wrote on their websites about the use of stickers in advertising. Some say stickers are one of the most versatile marketing tools out there. Regardless of how a huge or private company, or how huge or little spending plan, there is a way sticker can be utilized. Guerrilla marketing is an unconventional, disruptive way of gaining attention for a brand. It’s a great way for businesses to get noticed and raise awareness. Here we have cheap bitcoin stickers which make blockchain promoter from every person who uses them.

The “sticky” nature of bitcoin stickers allows them to adhere to many surfaces, essentially turning any location bitcoin sticker is stuck in an advertisement. Bitcoin stickers are also naturally viral. People just seem to love stickers and will collect them if you are giving them away. One bitcoin sticker, stuck up in a public place, could receive potentially hundreds of impressions per day for however long it is stuck in place. Many companies effectively use stickers to push and promote their brand image. Stickers can be seen literally everywhere – on the backs of cars, on bulletin boards, on lamp posts, and certainly on consumer products and packaging. Bitcoin stickers can be thought of as mini billboards, giving people an opportunity to take notice of a bitcoin sign outside of the usual context, giving bitcoin more top-of-mind awareness.

Size is suitable for your personal computer or laptop, workstation or server, refrigerator or washing machine, almost any other home appliance. Therefore with the stickers, you can customize one or more of your stuff with a new look. Although those stickers are not supposed to be used outdoor many people place them on their vehicles. Cars, motorcycles and even bicycles can be decorated with bitcoin stickers.
While you can use them anywhere you fit probably the best place will always be a back of your laptop. Furthermore, if you are frequently on the move or visiting public places with your laptop decorated with the sticker, as a result, will give more people see them. More impressions more interest. Many of your friends will ask you what the sticker represent which will be a good start to talk about bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies. Events are a great place to hand out bitcoin stickers to attendees.

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Bitcoin Sticker Specifications

  • Color
    • Orange
  • Shape
    • Round
  • Size
    • 80mm diameter
  • Printed on self-adhesive vinyl
  • Easy peel-and-stick back
  • High-quality inks
  • Protective PVC coating
  • Available in Opaque (white)
  • No minimum order

Bitcoin Sticker Real Photo

Bitcoin Sticker Orange Round

We are the group of bitcoin enthusiasts and we are doing our best to promote the bitcoin to the world.

The mission of “BitStickers” is to help the global promotion of the cryptocurrencies.
There are a dozen websites on the web which sell bitcoin stickers.

Give us a try and test our superb printing quality and the materials we use.

We love to make our customers satisfied, therefore we will always do our best to make you happy with our service and products.

Top quality inks and paper with easy peel off to print all of our bitcoin stickers.

A sheet of printed vinyl is used in the production of our bitcoin stickers.

Covered by a layer of top quality transparent PVC film the ink is protected and the stickers have improved durability.

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