Waves Accepted Here

Popular crypto-currency Waves accepted here at BitStickers as a payment method.

This basically means you can buy or pay any product or service in our system with Waves.

A blockchain layer to power the future of the internet

The tools they provide will enable a web that is transparent, yet protects users’ privacy and ensures the integrity of data without the centralization and single points of failure that are inherent in web 2.0.

Waves Platform

Open-source blockchain platform for cutting-edge dApps – giving you the tools to build your own incredible WEB3 solutions.


Universal blockchain solution for scalable digital infrastructure, requested by and designed for large enterprises and public institutions.

Waves support and empower builders of decentralized solutions

Waves Labs is an initiative for supporting talented developers and promising startups focused on building the decentralized technologies that will form the backbone to Web 3.0. Their mission is to accelerate the mainstream adoption of blockchain and build out the Waves ecosystem.

Waves Grants

Waves Grants is a program aimed at startups and individual developers interested in building new products based on Waves technologies. By facilitating the development of solutions with Waves technologies, they also aim to promote the mass adoption of blockchain on a global scale.

Supporting the development of Waves ecosystem

Waves Labs aims to support and empower startups and individual developers who create decentralized solutions based on Waves technologies.


Recommending the most suitable business development strategy and providing suggestions for its execution.

Tech Consulting

Applying Waves’ substantial tech expertise to your project in collaboration with the Dev Relations department.

Network and Marketing

Presenting projects to the Waves Community and running joint PR and marketing efforts.

Project Audit and Recommendations

A thorough review of projects and presentation of findings and recommendations.


invitations to participate in Waves meetups and conferences.


Connecting startups with Waves’ contacts, partners and industry leaders.

The ultimate tokenization platform

Blockchain can push your gameplay into overdrive and bring a whole new level of player engagement. Waves platform is building an ecosystem for blockchain-based game development to enable entirely new in-game economies.

What can blockchain bring to gaming?

Improved in-game metrics

A sense of true ownership to incentivize gamers to spend more time and money on your games.

Borderless currencies

Expand your game world into a player’s life and blur the boundaries between in-game currencies and fiat.

Next-generation gameplay

You’ll be able to add real-life value to virtual items — a unique weapon or armor that has been used by a winner of a championship can be tokenized and sold.

Fight the grey market

Tokenized items can be traded directly by players, without risk of fraud or theft by middlemen.

Why should I use Waves blockchain?

Building your project on Waves blockchain means absolute freedom of complexity, additional costs, and Gas — only a standard network fee to miners, maintaining Waves blockchain.

Waves blockchain advantages

Waves is designed for easy, safe token creation and management. With dramatically higher throughput than other leading blockchains, token operations are fast, secure and low cost.

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