Monero Coasters – Upgrade Your Home Decor and Promote Monero

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Upgrade your home decor or promote your brand with Monero Coasters. These versatile coasters are designed to meet all your needs, whether you’re looking to enhance your living space or make a lasting impression on your customers. Choose the shape, size, and quantity that best suits your needs and let these coasters add a touch of elegance to your space or make a lasting impression on your customers. Order your Monero Coasters now and experience the perfect blend of style and functionality.

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Enhance your home decor while showcasing your love for Monero with these stylish Monero Coasters. Whether you’re a Monero enthusiast or looking for a unique gift for a fellow crypto lover, these coasters are the perfect choice.

Monero Coasters are Available in Various Sizes and Shapes

These Monero Coasters come in a convenient one size of 3.7″ x 3.7″ (9.5 x 9.5cm), making them suitable for most standard cups and mugs. You can choose between two shapes: round and rectangle, depending on your personal preference and the style of your home.

Classic Corkwood Bottom for Protection

Each coaster features a classic corkwood underside, providing a natural and eco-friendly touch. The corkwood bottom not only adds a rustic charm to the coasters but also prevents scratches on your furniture and ensures the coasters stay in place, preventing any accidental slips.

Glossy and Smooth Surface for a Stylish Look

The top surface of these Monero Coasters is glossy and smooth, giving them a sleek and sophisticated appearance. The glossy finish not only enhances the visual appeal of the coasters but also makes them easy to clean and maintain.

Choose Your Pack Size

To best suit your needs, these Monero Coasters are available in two options: a single pack or a set of four. Whether you need just one coaster for yourself or want to share the Monero love with your friends and family, we have you covered.

Key Features of Monero Coasters

  • Vibrant Colors: The latest printing techniques ensure that the colors on these coasters are bright and crisp, perfectly matching even your wildest design ideas.
  • Cork Bottom: The genuine corkwood backing not only protects your furniture but also adds a touch of natural beauty to the coasters.
  • Glossy Finish: The full-color decoration on one side of the coaster is complemented by the glossy finish, adding a touch of elegance to your home decor.

Care Instructions

Keeping your Monero Coasters clean is a breeze. Simply gently wipe off any dirt or dust with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. This will ensure that your coasters stay in pristine condition for years to come.

Upgrade your home decor and show your support for Monero with these versatile and stylish Monero Coasters. Whether you’re using them for your morning coffee or displaying them as a decorative piece, these coasters are sure to catch the attention of your guests and fellow Monero enthusiasts. Choose your size, shape, and pack size, and start enjoying your Monero Coasters today!

  • One size: 3.7″ x 3.7″ (9.5 x 9.5cm)
  • Two shapes: round and rectangle
  • Hardboard top
  • Available as 1 piece or set of 4
  • Classic corkwood bottom
  • Glossy and smooth surface
Square Round
Width, cm 9.50 9.50
Height, cm 9.50 9.50

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